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Make You Famous CD

Have you ever wanted to make your own album? This is the quickest way to get there fast --- zoom ---> THE CRAZY FACE MACHINE. This small flash interface is destined to be your favorite music creation system ever!!!

To begin, hit the play button. After that, click some keyboard notes and throw in some "Chicken" and "Wood & Lighter - a pseudo-fable" samples. Now you've got yourself a hit song!!!* There have been massive amounts of requests for this machine on other websites, but it is ONLY HERE!!!!

Chicken says -> "No that is not a dog, that is a chicken"
"W&L a p-f" (how's that for an abbreviation?) says -> "If you give a beaver that has no lighter a piece of wood, he is worse off than a beaver with a lighter receiving that same wood"

But what good is a music creation system without technical specs? NO GOOD! Let's find out what junk this has in its trunk!
Sample rate: very low
Drums: one annoying loop
Synthesizer: PCM samples of a terrible blippy sawtooth synth
Vox: low quality!

If you're not absolutely satisfied... your money back!

*All samples created by ALEXANDER (Crazy Face). Do not use in your own personal projects without permission