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Our World

What's a 5 CAN?

I'm actuating... do I get free accessories?

What about the artists?

Battle of the Bands applications... availble when?

...but do you have anymore?

God candy!

I have a few changes I'd like to make, in nickls.

Stewart's Chicken and _________s?

I was changing channels, and this sorta struck me as strange...

Is that Tommy Chong?

A sign at Wal-Mart

You only get ONE Bible. And ONLY if you're Chistien.

A friendly note from K-Mart herself.

So cigerettes=trash?

Clemson beat USC 63 to 17. But in this alternative universe, Clesmon tied USC 63 to 17.

Alright, get me the tools!

Happy Birthday! Congratulations... I mean Corn Slant Tag!

Barnes and Noble, I don't mean to criticizie you.

This was in a gas station in Alabama. What the hell is a deli monster?

This is at Target. Who put together this sign?

Ever single thing is 25 cents!

You'd better hurry!

Redneck bowling alleys don't want your damn underwear out.

USC's football ticket sales...


At a flea market; only one was on sale, very misleading.

Where else would fur come from?!

This was in Atlanta, beneath a security camera. You had me at God.

These are some AWESOME deals!

Screenshots from a demo of Granstream Saga. They speak for themselves.

A medieval hip-hop club for APPROPRIATELY-DRESSED teens.


Alcohol can cause IRRITABLITY?

A grammatically perfect history of coffee.

The back of the package for a Nintendo GBA/DS hacking device... a lot of grammar awesomenes on this one.

My favorite flavor of soda: Mate!

Some cheap movies, depending on what x is.

None of that solicting, now miscreants!

No not squezz!

I love the paridise of the carribean.

Pi Kling Cuc

Email me at for more info. We can suck things like that.

P...R...A...Y...wait, I lost count.

An Adam Sandler movie made of GOLD!

You look real nice with them glasses on, Cindy Lou.

Axialis recommands that you let them recalculate the palette. You didn't heed their first command.

This sign was in the honors housing at USC. RefrigeTators?

Print this out; you will need it if you die.

Your breath will not only be fresh, but HOLY TOO!

The Jewish Sherif recommends the cowboy gun.

James Spader and Marvel team up!

This is for spinach.

Who is this to?

This was a beautiful poem about Tebet.

Atlanta's #1 Chinese Restaurant. It's teh best.

Wal-Marrrrrrt... shame on you

Don't look at the skyclouds either!

I'll go with the weekly by monthly option.

These are the worst M&M's ever.

Wrestlers look REAL!

Your gay too.