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What's up with Kyle and his girl?, pt.1

Next to Dairy Queen? Hellz yeahz.

Liking him sequence: commencing.

This note was left at the hotel front lobby.

Ernie + Cheeseburgers = Bliss, pt.2

Julie's response, pt.1

Sisterly Advice, pt.2

Jonothin is so dumb.

Single's better, but you still have that ring!, pt.2

I like it because you can paintings.

You need to talk to Patrick!, pt.1

Me chillin writing you

The Original Gvngvstv.

Tigger writes Poo Bear

Just chilln chillen.

I love grocery shopping less than I love you.

That is one funky "i"

This is the beginning of my next movie. Damn!

I known it was one of my sister.

Get to Heaven, pt.1

I like this one as for I think it is funny.

I would listen if I were you.

Progress Reports are not the end of your life, dude.

There is some real immature people.

Do you have one?

Have a GRAT DAY!

Not quite like the Elvis song...

Stop pocking her damn arm, boy!

I wonder if the package was ever delivered?

I haven't forgotten to bring it.

One of the last letters of the patrons of The Inner Court... 4 a hot minute.

The science of yawns.

If we did bances lasing.

Get to Heaven, pt.3

I'll be damned if one ever flip on me too.

Hugging all up on the duce!

He loves her mom more!

Mad for real, pt.1

This is about theatre. It's funny how.

Iaght, I'll call ya!

He's geting on my nerves too.

You need to talk to Patrick!, pt.2

Ernie + Cheeseburgers = Bliss, pt.1

The peas to your carrots... how sweet!

He two-timed her for her MOTHER!

Single's better, but you still have that ring!, pt.1

This was returned to the post office. Enjoy.

This one has got on my novers, you stupid weinkie.

Sisterly Advice, pt.1

Christina works... at Wild Wings.

Delirious quandary?

Monkey Nuts? Damn

I tallied them, and you are the best of all!

He can't play math either.

I'd be jelious too.

Written by a fourth grader. This is the frist time anyone's ever seen it.

I can't belive this.

What's up with Kyle and his girl?, pt.1

Julie's response, pt.2

Mad for real, pt.2

Get to Heaven, pt.2