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A librarian, viewer, printer, and learning tool for scales


After my decent success with Abstract Web Studio, and my frustration with guitar programs dealing with scales on the internet (none of which supported bass, much less mandolin, banjo, or customized instruments, I decided it was time to make a program for even myself to learn scales off of. Scale Master was then born.

I think that the easiest way to learn a scale is by learning certain shapes (I don't think many would disagree), so I added a very nice printing feature so you can print scale shapes and use them as references (you can even be original and make up your own scales and shapes!)

Also, I sometimes find myself basing solos way too much around the Pentatonic Minor/Blues scale, so I added another feature "Song Matcher". It gives you the ability to match many scales with a certain song/chord/etc!

Some features can't be included for those who don't pay for the program (i've gotta compensate my time some way), but don't worry, it is only $15, and once you register, you won't have to again, as long as the program is in existence! (You get all future versions for free)

For a list of features, go to the Features page

Created By:
Alex Wroten
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