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One day, in the crazy summer of 2001, my friend, Levi, called me up and said, "WELL DANG, you wanna do something really fun?" I accepted with a huge smile!

He wanted me to dress up as a girl and go to the Cross-Country Team's practice and ask if I could join them! Well, I sure as tootin' did it!

Maybe I wasn't such a hot girl (or maybe I was). The hood was my father's lucky running hat as I told them, along with the goggles being an heirloom. I wore sporty pants, a girlish Band-Aid, watch, and even a bra, OVER MY undershirt, filled with Kleenex.

The team practiced on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but we only planned to do it one day (Tuesday). Unfortunately, we weren't so well-prepared, and the video quality was sub-par. On Thursday, however, when I went back, to prove that it was a real girl, hahaha, we had the camera staked out behind a bush.... it was exciting!

Levi had saved up some of his money for his video camera, and really wanted to get into video editing, so despite how much I did on this, he resumed "creative control." That's where the Biscuit and Frogy, Inc. comes in. Shortly after this clever little stunt, we stopped talking as much and now I bet he's forgotten all about this.

It's not so interesting, just funny to watch the reactions of the different teammates. It took a few years, but they all eventually found out I did this. Most don't know that Levi was involved/filming though.

Cross-Dress Country


We ended up editing the two days of video together. Originally on the site, but now, the long and boring version is available. You can thank me later.