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What's better than watching a fat, patriotic biker with tight clothing on who is drugged and dancing? Probably not much, but I think that if there was some sort of contest, JAMES BOO would definitely be in the running.

One weekend in April of 2000, I was quite bored, so I crawled to my sisters room and begged her, "Zoë, can we go make a movie? Pretty please?" (which is pretty similar to the email I sent her three years earlier). She was quite excited herself, so she just popped out a good ole, "WELL DANG, SHUCKS YEAH!" There was only one problem now: who would be in it, what would it be about, and where would we film it? We called up the Notorious P.Y.G, Chad Walker (of Ganja Juice fame), he accepted the invitation, and within 45 minutes, we were in full swing.

An example of awesome dialogue!

After Chad was at our house, it was nearly unanimous, "We're gonna make a James Bond kinda' movie!" Another problem: I'd never seen a James Bond movie. Needless to say, I was cast as the main character, James Boo! Chad was the Evil Shark, and Zoe was Mean Russian Book Lady.

We filmed the unplanned movie at Furman University, incorporating the use of one camera and NO TRIPOD! This movie is so shaked-up it's sometimes hard to tell what's going on. It's absolutely ridiculously bad. I look like an absolute fool with my backwards "Alaska" baseball cap, smoker's jacket, cummerbund, gloves, and water gun.

An action sequence

The movie probably took about an hour to film, and afterwards, we trekked back home so we could "EDIT" it. The editing process involved plugging the camera into the VCR, without the sound, and overdubbing all of the dialogue and sound effects. Chad and I took that upon ourselves entirely. As a result, the entire movie is unintelligible.

"CRAP!," you just said to yourself... but not to worry, I've gone through the whole movie and added subtitles to 95% of it (the other 5% is either unimportant or covered up by sound effects). This movie is so awesome, you will probably start a fan club and request JAMES BOO 2!

Unfortunately, I just lied to you. Someone else already started that fan club.

James Boo
Something's Fishy Around Here


After I edited this video for this site, it remained on my computer for a few months and I ended up putting it in Well Dang! Productions' Tapeworm (fetish). I guess some things eventually have purposes.